Flood Re plan find difficulty in the UK

UK Flood homeowners Insurance companies Flood Re Plan

Flood Re aims to replace existing flood insurance subsidy A flood insurance plan in the United Kingdom is in threat of falling through because of the government’s refusal to provide a financial backstop. The plan, called Flood Re, is meant to provide flood insurance coverage to homes and properties in high risk areas in the UK. The plan is meant to replace a subsidy that provides flood insurance coverage to consumers in high risk areas, which is scheduled to expire in July 2012. If the subsidy expires, more than 200,000…

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A spring cleaning of America’s flood insurance program

With spring now insight, it’s time to prepare for nasty weather. Depending on what part of the nation you live in, that could mean tornados and hail, or spring rains and flooding. This is a good time to examine your homeowner’s policy for any needed updates that may need to be made. Last year we had amazing weather activity. In the United States, we saw abundant rainfall; with many states receiving record amounts and other states getting well over normal. Snow and bitter cold temperatures set seasonal records, and numerous…

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