Flood insurance companies in France could face over $2 billion in losses

France flood insurance companies - Seine June 2016

The rising Seine River has caused water to rush overland and this flooding is expected to be very costly. The government of France has declared the flooding of the Seine to be a national disaster today, which has laid the path for flood insurance companies to begin the process for claims filings and payments for their policyholders. The Seine River has started to recede after having reached its highest level, making assessments possible. Flood insurance companies met with the French government this week to help to assess the damage left…

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Flood insurance leaves many in Staten Island unimpressed

Flood Insurance payments

Floodwaters are leaving homeowners battling with insurers to try to receive damage payments. Many people in Staten Island said that they knew that their homeowners policies weren’t enough to cover them against the damage that could come from floodwaters, but those who went ahead and purchased flood insurance are finding themselves frustrated as they must still battle to recover their losses. Many homeowners in the region are finding that the payments they are receiving are falling far short of the expense. In one instance of an Adams Avenue homeowner –…

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Flood insurance program takes a scolding from New Jersey governor

new jersey flood insurance

He stated that claims to the federal program were being paid far too slowly to NJ residents. Governor Chris Christie has spoken out against the federal flood insurance program’s handling of the claims made by New Jersey residents following the Superstorm Sandy’s devastation of many of its areas at the end of October 2012. He said that the claims that were made to the federal program were not being paid in a reasonable time. Though the governor had previously criticized the rate at which the flood insurance payments were being…

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Flood insurance payments still not received by many in Long Island

flood Insurance payments time

Many homeowners have yet to obtain anything from coverage settlements after Superstorm Sandy. Thousands of people in Long Island are still waiting for the funds that they need to rebuild, as their final flood insurance settlements have yet to be made, leaving them to have to pay contractors out of their own pockets in order to complete the half finished jobs that were started after Sandy hit over three months ago. These homeowners are facing financial struggles and are becoming highly frustrated with the lack of payment. A large number…

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