West Virginia seeks to open flood insurance to the private market

flood insurance

States begin taking matters into their own hands when it comes to flood protection As U.S. federal lawmakers continue to work to find a solution to the problems facing the National Flood Insurance Program, states are beginning to take steps to address these issues on their own. Typically, homeowners can only find the flood protection they need through the federal program. The program, however, is crippled by debt that has made it nearly impossible for the program to provide coverage adequately. Because federal lawmakers have been slow to resolve the…

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Floods in Thailand claim hundreds of lives and displace thousands more

Devastating floods struck Thailand last week and threatened to cause catastrophic damage to the nation’s capital, Bangkok. The floods are the result of heavy rainfall and violent storms that have been occurring throughout the country and in neighboring Myanmar. The recent floods are the worst the country has experienced in over 50 years and have killed more than 350 people thus far. Thousands more have been displaced as the relatively few insurance organizations operating in Thailand attempt to mitigate the disaster. The Thai government, led by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra,…

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