Flood insurance program bailout in front of Congress soon

Flood Insurance and reinsurance

As the claims from Sandy continue pouring in, the troubled federal program is about to face important decisions. The National Flood Insurance Program, the only federal coverage against flooding in the United States, will face an estimated additional $6 to $12 billion in claims as a result of Hurricane Sandy, said the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The program can only borrow $2.9 billion more, after racking up an $18 billion debt from Katrina in 2005. Flood insurance news reports from the deputy associate administrator for federal insurance at FEMA,…

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National Flood Insurance Program takes limelight in wake of Sandy

Flood Insurance

National Flood Insurance Program could be in bad position to deal with Hurricane Sandy The National Flood Insurance Program is being put to the test in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The federal program is responsible for the majority of flood insurance policies in the U.S., but has been facing extreme financial problems that could threaten its ability to pay claims. The program is currently crippled by massive debt and federal lawmakers have been unable to solve the problems facing the program. Now, the impact of Hurricane Sandy is finally…

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