Workers compensation bill in Florida ready for Governor’s signature

workers compensation

Gov. Rick Scott will be the next one to review the legislation that is designed to lower costs. Florida has been facing considerable costs associated with providing workers compensation insurance to employees, and in the current economy, it is leading businesses and programs that are already strapped for cash to struggle even further. A bill to help to reduce the costs associated with providing employees with this insurance is headed to the Governor. The workers compensation bill has made its way through the Florida house, so it is now on…

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Florida workers’ compensation insurance market in strong shape

workers compensation insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is strong in Florida A new report has been released by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation concerning the state’s workers’ compensation insurance market. The report, which is issued annually, documents the trends that are being seen in the workers’ compensation insurance market and how these trends are affecting the market as a whole. According to the report, the workers’ compensation insurance market remains strong despite recent legislative changes and other factors that have impacted the market over the past year. Report highlights declining rates, and the…

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Workers compensation marketplace in Florida retails solid standing

Workers Compensation Insurance

The state’s insurance for injured employees remains strong despite weakness in other parts of the country. The annual report providing data on the condition of the workers compensation insurance marketplace in Florida has now been released, and it has shown that the market in that state is still holding strong and is maintaining its competitive status. This report was initially released on Wednesday to provide insight into this marketplace. It was issued by the Office of Insurance Regulation in the state. That office pointed out that the premiums that employers…

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