Insurance news scandal and media fire response from Citizens

Florida Insurance News - Citizens insurance

The Florida homeowners insurer of last resort says that the dramatic reports are misleading. The homeowners insurer of last resort in Florida is now responding to the latest insurance news that includes heavy media fire regarding the scandal that surrounds the closure of the company’s watchdog department. Citizens says that much of the media coverage is highly misleading and is quite inaccurate. The CEO of the state backed insurer gave his own insurance news statement. Barry Gilway did agree that there have been a small group of supervisors within the…

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Insurance news in Florida made when Governor contacted Citizens

Florida homeowners insurance, Citizens Property

Gov. Rick Scott is seeking to find out why the state-backed insurer fired its corporate integrity team. The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, has made insurance news by throwing in his support for the efforts to investigate why the corporate integrity team was let go from the state’s insurer of last resort, Citizens Property Insurance Corp. The Chief Inspector General, Melinda Miguel, has now been assigned to investigate the event. On Monday, Governor Scott directed the Chief Inspector General to look into the termination of the watchdog team – which…

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