State farm fire prevention project tests electrical wiring sensors for problems

State Farm fire prevention - wires in walls

The insurance company is sending homeowners sensors in a pilot testing for electrical defects. A new State Farm fire prevention program pilot has launched. It will use sensors to detect electrical wiring hazards in 40,000 homes in California, Texas, and Arizona. The goal is to provide consumers with a way to prevent electrical wiring fires and measure savings. The State Farm fire prevention pilot will send the sensors to the homeowners to measure customer acceptance and potential savings if the program were to be broadened. The insurer’s vice president and…

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Thanksgiving insurance news features home catastrophe prevention

Thanksgiving deep fried turkey fire insurance news

Turkey frying becomes more popular every year, but so do homeowners claims from disasters that can follow. Thanksgiving is one of the most important times of the year for many American families, and while some stick to the traditional oven roasted turkey dinner from one year to the next, homeowners insurance news statistics have shown that deep frying is rising in popularity and, unfortunately, in fires and burns. This year, the insurance industry is hoping that homeowners will take added precautions to safely deep fry turkeys. Deep frying a turkey…

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