Could Substantial Incentives Trigger a Nationwide Expansion of Medicaid?

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In the decade since the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) inception, a critical coverage gap remains in the health insurance landscape. This gap prevails in the 10 states withholding the ACA Medicaid expansion, affecting 1.5 million uninsured individuals. In this detailed analysis, we investigate who is affected, the potential for expanded coverage, and examine new economic incentives that may prompt a shift towards the adoption of Medicaid expansion in remaining states. Understanding the Health Insurance Coverage Gap The ‘Coverage Gap’ is a situation in some states where adults can’t get Medicaid…

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The impact of healthcare reform legislation on the compensation received by hospital execs

The Obama Administration healthcare reform legislation – which already includes Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services programs for coordinated care and requirement changes for hospitals that are tax-exempt – may also be altering the compensation of hospital leaders. Though this won’t be impacting hospital compensation directly, they may have an indirect impact on salaries from regulation increases and different care delivery models. Director Gary Young of the Northeastern University Center for Health Policy and Healthcare Research looked into the differences that will be seen among non-profit and for-profit hospitals at…

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