How to Host a Debt Intervention

Debt Intervention

When you hear the word “intervention,” what comes to mind? These events as portrayed on TV tend to depict a room full of family and friends waiting anxiously for an individual to enter so they can implore them to make a change. This type of scenario tends to be high pressure, perhaps even surprising the entrant so much they turn around and leave rather than face the onslaught of commentary likely to be perceived as criticism about various life choices. But did you know that financial interventions can actually be…

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Survey shows financial plans should include insurance

According to a Saybrus Partners survey, just under half of the American adults who have received professional financial advising and who have a financial plan have ever addressed the issue of including life insurance as a part of their portfolio. Saybrus Partners is a Hartford, Connecticut-based life insurance partnership company. Among the survey participants who said that they had talked with their financial advisors about life insurance, 15 percent said that the discussion was held over a decade ago. An additional 40 percent had talked about it within the last…

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