Rising home insurance rates are causing real estate buyers to think twice

Home insurance - Rising rates - Arrow wooden homes

A recent report pointed to skyrocketing premiums as a deterrent to purchasing homes in Florida. Rising home insurance rates are nothing new to property owners in Florida, but recent hikes have been particularly high, and with an additional 1% emergency assessment fee to be applied to policies, real estate agents are seeing increased hesitation from customers. The state has been attempting to come up with a strategy to overcome a coverage crisis. The emergency assessment fee was announced earlier this month and is intended to help deal with the issues…

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Florida home insurance customers to pay extra 1% emergency fee

Home insurance - 1% Emergency Fee

Property owners throughout the state will see the increase due to insurer insolvencies from hurricanes. Florida home insurance customers will be paying another 1 percent on top of their usual premiums in order to cover the cost of property insurer insolvencies caused to a certain extent by hurricane damage claims. This additional fee is being added to the already spiking rates being charged across Florida. Floridian consumers have been watching their home insurance premiums soar yet again as the state scrambles to try to prevent a full crisis in this…

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Florida home insurance soon to include surcharge

Florida home insurance - Home - cash

The additional fee on monthly bills is intended to cover several insolvent companies in the state. Florida home insurance customers can expect to see a new surcharge on their upcoming monthly bills, to act as coverage for insolvent companies in the state. The surcharge will help FIGA to cover the claims from insurers that have gone into receivership. The added surcharge Florida home insurance customers will be paying is intended to make sure claims made on policies sold by insolvent insurers will still be paid. They will support the claims…

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