ACA health insurance enrollments growth already outpacing last year

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There are already 600,000 people who have signed up for their plans through the official marketplaces. According to a recent reports on the latest ACA health insurance enrollments, registrations are up and look very promising. In fact, more than half a million people have already enrolled, 23 percent of whom are new to the insurance exchanges. Despite President Trump’s claims that the Affordable Care Act marketplace was collapsing, it’s growing. “More than 600,000 people signed up last week for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, significantly beating the pace…

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Anthem health insurance plans leaving Ohio exchange in 2018

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The insurer announced that it will not participate in the state’s ACA marketplace next year. One of the largest insurers in the United States, Anthem health insurance, announced its intention to exit the Ohio ACA exchange next year. While the company is large, very few people will be affected by the departure. Only about 10,500 Ohioans have health plans with Anthem, residing in only one fifth of the state’s counties. While the Anthem health insurance exit from the exchange is a small one when all is said and done, it…

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State run insurance exchanges face current and future financial struggle

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Lower enrollment and higher costs are causing disappointment for some of the marketplaces. Many of the state run insurance exchanges are facing some disappointing results after their first year and a half in fully operational existence, after lower than expected enrollment and high costs have led them to face a number of challenges. The issues being faced could lead these insurance marketplaces to make considerable changes. Among those changes may be that they will hand the control over the insurance exchanges to the federal government. It has also been suggested…

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Federal insurance exchange website hacked

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The hacker was able to break in and upload malicious software, but reports say that personal data remained safe. According to federal officials, a hacker was able to make its way into the federal insurance exchange website back in July and even managed to upload malicious software into the site. That said, investigators have stated that there is no evidence that consumer personal data was accessed. They said that personal data of consumers was neither viewed nor taken during the breach of the federal insurance exchange site. At the…

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Health insurance exchange website fails on deadline day

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On the very last day for purchasing plans for this year, down went the site once again. As though the desperate scramble from having waited until the very last minute to purchase a health insurance plan wasn’t stressful enough, the federal exchange site failed, causing many to receive a message that it was “currently unavailable.” This was quite the inconvenient time for the site to stop working, as many faced a midnight deadline. Although the health insurance marketplace,, had a rocky start, after the massive renovations that were applied…

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