Healthcare reforms in California are doing far better than federal changes

California Health Insurance exchange popularity

Although the rollout of the site has experienced massive struggles, is thriving. As the federal government continues to struggle with problems and errors related to its healthcare reforms, particularly in the website, California has been sailing along with a great deal of successes with its own exchange site, The problems with which many Americans have been struggling with the federal site are absent in California. Citizens in California have been able to take advantage of the better side of the healthcare reforms, as their state set…

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Health insurance enrollment in Florida is about to take off

Florida health insurance

The state is preparing for a sudden influx of registrations for the coverage ahead of the start of next year. Florida is getting ready for a massive amount of registration within the state for health insurance that is required by the Affordable Care Act, and the federal government is planning to help to handle this challenge by hiring hundreds of “navigators” over the next few months in order to assist consumers. It is expected that up to 3.5 million uninsured residents of Florida will purchase coverage by January. It is…

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Healthcare reforms will ensure rehab services of celebrity quality

health insurance substance abuse rehab

The new federal coverage laws will ensure that citizens will have the same services Cory Monteith is using. The importance of rehab services has been in the spotlight this week as Cory Monteith, of Glee fame, completed his own stint to recover from drug abuse, and at the same time, it has brought the healthcare reforms and their addiction coverage into the spotlight. The changes to the law, which will go into effect next year, will make sure these services are available to everyone. The lead actor may be an…

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Health insurance exchange attempt being made again in New Jersey

Governor Chris Christie - New Jersey Health Insurance Exchange

Senators in the state are having another go at passing this element of the healthcare overhaul. Lawmakers in the state of New Jersey are making another effort to try to pass a health insurance exchange that is a central element of the federal healthcare reforms that went into effect in 2010. The matter was being discussed by a state Senate committee this past Monday. The state health insurance exchanges are meant to work as marketplaces that will provide families, individuals, and small businesses with a single location in which to…

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