National Flood Insurance Program Gets Brief Renewal from Congress

National Flood Insurance Program - Flooding on road

The House of Representatives gained a two week extension for the federal flood insurance. Congress extended the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) by two weeks after it failed to pass a $19 billion disaster aid bill. The House of Representatives was seeking unanimous consent for the bill which contained a flood insurance reauthorization provision. NFIP had been set to expire as of Friday, but the two week extension was granted in time. With less than six hours left before the National Flood Insurance Program, the fast-track unanimous consent vote approved…

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The federal flood insurance program is broken and the repairs will be costly

Federal Flood Insurance - US Congress

NFIP is now fifty years old but the program has not undergone a healthy aging process. The subsidized federal flood insurance program is half a century old and is in dire need of fixes – or potentially a complete overhaul – that will, unfortunately, be unavoidably expensive. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has become increasingly costly and unsustainable. Federal flood insurance faced its second highest ever claim year in 2017. Hurricanes Florence, Harvey ad Michael placed the spotlight back onto the NFIP’s fundamental flaws. Insurance industry models show a…

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Florida may become home for private flood insurance

Marco Island Florida Flood Insurance

Florida lawmakers seek to open up the market to private insurers Flood insurance rates may remain stable in the U.S. for a time as federal lawmakers begin investigating ways to reform the federal program that provides flood protection, but many homeowners are still concerned about the financial impact of flood coverage and the federal program’s ability to actually honor the policies it represents. The National Flood Insurance Program is currently crippled by massive debt. While the program has been able to pay claims thanks to the support of emergency spending…

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Flood insurance continues to cause problems for homeowners and realtors

flood insurance rates

Insurance woes continue to mount for many Flood insurance has become a controversial issue in the U.S. The problems the country is facing in terms of insurance coverage are linked heavily to the National Flood Insurance Program. The majority of homeowners throughout the country currently receive their flood protection from the federal program, but the program itself has been crippled by financial calamities that emerged over the past several years. FEMA, which manages the flood program, has been working to resolve these issues while also redrawing its flood maps, and…

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Flood insurance hike delay strategy in the works by lawmakers

coastal flood homeowners insurance

A bipartisan effort to delay the rate increases by four years is trying to ensure that coverage will remain affordable. A bipartisan lawmaker group is now in the midst of an effort to delay the changes to the federal flood insurance program for another four years, as they are currently threatening to stick thousands of homeowners with hikes to their premiums that they will not be able to afford. This move has been made at a time in which the government is lining up to make a massive overhaul of…

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