US growers say crop insurance is critical to farming family survival

Crop insurance - farming

Producers face significant challenges and depend on the stability of the coverage. Crop insurance is a coverage growers rely upon as a form of safety net to keep their farms – and the families they support – alive. The policies help farmer to continue to keep their businesses intact despite growing challenges. The coverage helps farmers – including those whose families have been farming for generations – to rely on added stability to ensure their businesses can continue. “We couldn’t make it without crop insurance. I mean, we put so…

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Insurance news includes livestock price pilot

livestock insurance news

A new coverage program has now been launched in Canada for hog and cattle producers. A new livestock price coverage program has now been launched in Canada and is now making insurance news headlines as it works to help cattle and hog producers in the western provinces to cope with pricing risks. The program was announced by the federal government and will run for the next four years. This insurance news was unveiled at the Canadian Bull Congress in Alberta, by the federal government and the western provinces. It is…

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Crop insurance program changes are supported by some farmers

Crop Insurance cuts

Some growers in Kansas are giving the nod to a bill that would decrease newly converted land subsidies. Although it would be natural to expect that farmers would be entirely against legislation that would place a tougher limit on crop insurance subsidies, there are some that are expressing their belief that the move is indeed designed to protect their interests over the long term. The changes to the subsidies would mean a reduction for grasslands that had not previously been agriculture space. These changes have to do with the Protect…

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Crop insurance teetering on the “fiscal cliff”

crop insurance program

The farm bill has been pushed to help to save the protection subsidies from the axe. Lawmakers from rural areas who are concerned that the $9 billion in annual federal subsidies for crop insurance may be considered to be an easy target for cutting spending in order to avoid the looming fiscal cliff. They are now seeking a new way to compromise on the farm bill in order to continue protecting farmers. The House and Senate Agriculture Committee chairpersons had already been prepared to use a new farm bill in…

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