Business insurance policyholders covered by Farmers to receive added relief

Business insurance policyholders - server in empty restaurant

The insurer said it would be offering added relief to 115,000 customers in certain sectors. Farmers has announced its intention to provide relief to over 115,000 of its business insurance policyholders. The insurer is using its Farmers Cares initiative to provide added support to customers facing struggles from COVID-19. The Farmers Cares initiative is focused on business insurance policyholders in the office, retail, restaurant and service sectors. Those are among the areas most powerfully hit by the COVID-19 outbreak. To boost relief to those companies, the insurer will be providing…

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Crop insurance placed back in the spotlight following election

Crop Insurance

Attention for farm bill has become an important target for lawmakers. Now that the election is behind us, crop insurance federal subsidies will return to the spotlight as a major target for lawmakers who are seeking to slash the budget deficit in Congress’s first week of the lame duck session. Experts in agricultural policy feel that this is a typical week following a general election. Many doubt, however, that lawmakers will be able to make their way through the deadlock they have been facing regarding the enacting of a $500…

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