Newly designed farm insurance is on its way

farm insurance program news

Farmers in Colorado are now preparing for the roll out of a new type of coverage for their businesses. Local farmers in Colorado are now preparing for two different meetings that are being held on farm insurance by way of the Farm Service Agency and that are designed to be highly informative about the new kind of coverage that will be rolling out. The new programs that will be starting through the 2014 Farm Bill will take over for previous broadly used plans. The new farm insurance programs will provide…

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Crop insurance program wastes $7.8 billion, says environmental group

Corn Belt - GMO Crop Insurance program

A new report has suggested that farmers in the Corn Belt have been massively overcompensated. The results of an analysis that was commissioned by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) have now been released in a report which suggests that the federal crop insurance program’s compensation to farmers in the Corn Belt who experienced the greatest devastation from the drought in 2012, had actually been too high by an estimated $7.8 billion. The payouts from that disaster totaled approximately $14 billion, but the report said that far less would have sufficed.…

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