Health insurance group plans are 97 percent more expensive than in 2002

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The price of medical coverage has been on a rapid climb throughout the last decade. A new national business survey has released its results this week, and it has shown that the cost of family health insurance through workplace plans has increased another 4 percent this year, while wages rose by only 1.7 percent. The survey was conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research & Educational Trust. The gap between the coverage sponsored by employers, and the salaries paid to the employees is considered even more significant when the trend…

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Health insurance premiums on the rise in 2012

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Survey shows health insurance premiums are growing Employer sponsored health insurance premiums for family plans went up this year, according to a survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust. Health insurance premiums have been a serious concern since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010. The federal health care law seeks to lower premiums, but many suggest that the changes the law brings to the health care and insurance industries will, in fact, cause a spike in health insurance premiums. Premiums show modest…

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Minnesota making significant progress on its health insurance exchange

Minnesota health insurance moves ahead with exchange system. Minnesota is making significant progress on establishing its health insurance exchange system. The state has determined that it will continue building an exchange despite the uncertain future of the Affordable Care Act. The federal health care law requires each state to build its own exchange by 2014 or risk losing control of the exchange effort to the federal government. Though the state is committed to building an exchange, the burden of the process falls on the Minnesota Department of Commerce instead of…

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Day two of Affordable Care Act hearing in Supreme Court focuses on controversial insurance mandate

The Supreme Court began its second day of hearing the case against the controversial Affordable Care Act on Tuesday this week. The focus of day two was centered on whether Congress could require Americans to purchase health insurance. The Obama administration’s top lawyers were ready to defend the insurance mandate imposed by the health care law, but conservative Justices of the Court were quick to issue their concerns regarding the matter. This could signal some serious problems for the future of the Affordable Care Act. Only three minutes into the…

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How to find individual health insurance by yourself

When your health insurance is sponsored by your employer, it is easy enough to know which policy to choose because it has typically been selected for you, but when you are unemployed, self-employed, or employed by a company that doesn’t offer this medical benefits, then it is up to you to find your own coverage. Use the following tips to help you locate the right policy and price to fit your needs: • – this federal government site provides a number of questions that you can answer in order…

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