Insurance fraud news made when two men in Spain cut off their hands to collect

Insurance Fraud cut off hand

The scammers were nearly successful except that they did the damage too neatly and cleanly. Two men in Spain who were hoping to collect up to $3.1 million in insurance fraud, cut off their own hands in order to be able to make an dismemberment claim, but were caught because their amputations were performed too well. The men acted in two completely separate and unrelated incidents but each had a similar plan. Unfortunately, this type of instance of insurance fraud is growing in the country, as Spain continues to be…

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Insurance fraud study shows nearly a quarter of Americans approve of it

insurance agency overbilling fraud

The research showed that 24 percent of people in the United States think that the behavior is acceptable. The number of Americans who believe that insurance fraud is an acceptable behavior remains very high, as nearly a quarter of the people in the country feel that it is acceptable, according to a study. This same research indicated that the approval of the behavior has actually fallen over the years. Though the findings of the survey showed that 24 percent of Americans are alright with insurance fraud, this is actually a…

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