Insurance fraud detected at Colorado Springs doctor’s office

medical insurance fraud

It has been discovered that they were charging insurers for appointments that had been cancelled. A doctor in Colorado Springs has now agreed to pay more than $86,000 to the United States government after it was discovered that he had been improperly making claims that constituted insurance fraud to a military insurer for administrative services that continued from 2008 through 2013. Internal audits that had been performed by the TriCare Military Health System revealed the billing practice. These audits showed that the billing practices of Dr. David Hatfield were actually…

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Insurance fraud accusation issued against Timbaland

Timbaland watch insurance fraud

A missing watch insurance claim is leading the insurer of the musician to call it an attempted scam. Timbaland’s insurer is currently working to shut down a claim that the rapper and record producer has made regarding a missing watch, stating that the filing is nothing more than a case of insurance fraud. The musician is seeking a payout for a watch which was covered under his policy with the insurer. However, that insurer said that the payout of $1.8 million that is being sought is being labeled as insurance…

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