Charges laid in massive health insurance scam worth $1M in fraud

Health insurance scam - Scam alert

A Florida man has been charged with impersonating a New Jersey doctor to make falsified claims. A Florida man is now facing charges in a massive health insurance scam. To swindle his insurance company out of about a million dollars, he allegedly assumed the identity of a doctor in New Jersey. The man proceeded to file a number of fraudulent claims against his medical plan. By using the New Jersey doctor’s identity, the man allegedly submitted over $1 million in fake insurance claims. The health insurance scam involved services that…

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Top 2014 cases of insurance fraud identified

insurance fraud

The MPI has now released its list of the largest errors and attempted fraudulent claims from January through December. A new list called the “top five frauds” has now been released by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), which shows the leading instances of insurance fraud that occurred within this Canadian province. While interesting and amusing to some, it also places the spotlight on an ongoing problem in the insurance industry. According to the MPI’s data, its own special investigations unit was able to discover approximately $7.5 million in insurance fraud in…

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Insurance fraud complaints are increasing in South Carolina

fraudulent insurance claims jail scam

The state has now reached an all time high, according to a report that was recently released. Complaints have been rising in South Carolina with regards to insurance fraud, to the point that they are now reaching the highest point that they have ever been, with over 1,200 having been filed last year. This, according to a report that was recently released by Attorney General Alan Wilson. The Insurance Fraud Division of the office of the Attorney General put out an annual report that underscored the fact that attorneys had…

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Disability insurance fraud in New York City could reach $400 million

Disability Insurance Fraud

Fraudsters in the city have been found to have been scamming the system for decades. Last week, more than 100 former employees of New York City were charged with disability insurance fraud after having allegedly faked psychological issues in order to be able to collect their benefits. According to prosecutors on the case, the total that NYC has experienced in fake claims could reach $400 million. This total dates back over many years, to 1988. The prosecutors say that since that time there have been about $400 million in disability…

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Insurance fraud prevention efforts are underway in Oklahoma

California Insurance company Fraud scam

The state and the NICB are working together to stop false claims as filings are received following tornadoes. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and the Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID) are working together in an effort to combat insurance fraud by educating residents at a time when approximately 23,000 claims have already been filed in the state in the wake of a stream of catastrophic tornadoes and other severe weather events in May 2013. The storms – which primarily occurred on May 19 and 20 – have generated auto and…

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