Car insurance company fails to use Facebook to learn about potential customers

Facebook car insurance company

The social network has stopped a U.K. insurer from using people’s posts as a part of rate calculations. Facebook is now blocking U.K. car insurance company, Admiral Insurance, from being able to use customer posts as a part of their premiums calculations. The insurer intended to look at everything from the use of superlatives (for example, “never”), to the frequency of use of exclamation points and even the length of posts to decide a customer’s rate. That said, Facebook was quick to stop the auto insurance company before it could…

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Facebook clashes with employers over passwords and user accounts

Facebook is a majorly successful social network. Hundreds of thousands of people use the network each day to share information with their friends and participate in various online communities. The network is also popular amongst businesses, though not in the same way as it is with consumers. To many businesses, Facebook is a tool for social media marketing. It can be used to market to a specific demographic, or to investigate a potential hire. The latter purpose is becoming more commonplace, and Facebook is looking to put an end to…

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