Homeowners insurance premiums headed downward

homeowners insurance

From the start of this year, it is clear that the direction rates are taking overall is downward. According to a recent rate report that has been released, homeowners insurance premiums are among the forms of coverage that are experiencing declines as of the start of 2014. This report took into account the 12-month premiums that are paid by consumers in the United States. By the close of 2013, the average annual homeowners insurance premium in the United States had fallen to $822, when compared to where it had been…

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The cost of homeowners insurance and taxes forces “Extreme Makeover” family to sell

cost of Homeowners Insurance

The lucky family that received free home rebuild after their previous residence has now listed the property. A family that was given a “Extreme Makeover” for their house after Hurricane Ike had destroyed it, has now put the Houston residence up for sale because they are unable to continue to afford the cost of homeowners insurance coverage and the taxes. Moreover, they have been forced to drastically reduce the list price because of the struggling real estate market. Home buyers who will be able to afford the taxes and the…

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Homeowners insurance issues growing for many Sandy victims

Flood homeowners Insurance Rates raising homes

Following the devastation left behind by sandy, residents of the area now face another expensive choice. Thousands of homeowners insurance customers are now facing expensive choices beyond having to manage and pay for the repairs from the catastrophe that Superstorm Sandy left in its wake along coastal areas of the eastern United States. Many property owners are finding that they can’t afford any of the choices now in front of them. This homeowners insurance news isn’t entirely new to these residents, except for the fact that it is now coming…

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Homeowners insurance in Colorado among 10 most expensive states

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Catastrophe claims have caused the claims in the state to be among the most costly. According to recently released homeowners insurance news data, Colorado is now among the top ten states with the highest claims payouts resulting from catastrophes and natural disasters. This news was based on information from an analysis performed by the Insurance Research Council (IRC). The council’s analysis revealed that from the years 1997 through 2006, 26 percent of the homeowners insurance claims that were made in the state were the result of damage from catastrophes. However,…

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