Kanye West insurance payout could reach $30 million

hospital doctor kanye west insurance

The performer cancelled the rest of his tour as a result of reported mental health problems. Media reports suggest that the Kanye West insurance payout could be as high as $30 million following his tour cancellation. The hip hop celebrity announced the cancellation of the remainder of his tour as a result of health struggles. He was hospitalized last week following an incident while he was at his trainer’s house. Reports indicated that the police had been initially called for a domestic disturbance, later deemed a medical emergency. The star…

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UFC athlete insurance sky high for debut event in NYC

Madison Square Garden New York City athlete insurance

The organization spent millions to make MMA legal within the state and will now face high premiums. The UFC won its lobby to legalize mixed martial arts in New York but athlete insurance in the state is proving to be costly. It has already spent millions of dollars just to be able to hold events in New York. Now that it is facing its debut event in NYC, the state’s unique coverage regulations are driving up costsw. The state requires $1 million in traumatic brain injury insurance coverage for each…

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Halloween insurance costs are sending haunted houses to the graveyard

Halloween Insurance News - Safety

These attractions are rapidly disappearing due to the associated liability costs for organizers. Haunted houses have long been a tradition at this time of year, but the cost of Halloween insurance has been shutting them down. Many communities across the country have found that the attractions weren’t coming back this year. Over the last couple of decades, haunted houses had been rapidly rising in popularity. It reached the point that people who truly enjoy a good fright would be able to go from one haunted house to the next. They…

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LARP insurance policy designed for safer adventuring

Knight armor LARP insurance policy

It can be dangerous being a wizard or warrior on a quest, so LARPers have found coverage in the real world. Live action role playing (LARP) has become a tremendously popular pastime for players across the country and, to an increasing extent, around the world and now these players and their events are able to find an insurance policy to protect them throughout their adventures. Although the costume-clad players are taking part in fictional battles, it is not impossible for real-world injuries to occur. The characters they are playing may…

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Insurance coverage problems force cancellation of pumpkin flinging contest in Delaware

pumpkin festival insurance coverage

The annual event has now been shut down because of issues in finding an affordable policy. The annual pumpkin flinging contest in Delaware has now been cancelled for the second year in a row because the organizers of the World Championship Punkin Chunkin said that they were unable to find insurance coverage. The event had been scheduled to take place at the Dover International Speedway in November. The insurance coverage issue is not the first to cancel the event, as it cancelled the Punkin Chunkin last year, as well. Before…

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