EU insurance regulations may be put on hold

Insurance industry News

Insurance regulations may be delayed for up to two years European insurance companies could get a break from the looming insurance regulations that are coming from the European Union. These regulations, which will cause serious changes in the European insurance industry and could push some smaller companies out of business, are currently scheduled to take effect in January, 2014. The insurance regulations put strict capital requirements on insurance companies and have been the source of controversy for some time. Now, a top European insurance regulator is working to have the…

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Spain may benefit from EU insurance plan

EU Insurance Plan

EU insurance plan could help Spain recover from financial troubles The European Union has been struggling to rein in on a dire financial crisis that has threatened the economic stability of several countries in the region. The governing body has turned to the insurance industry to aid in recovery and the mitigation of a future crisis and insurers has, thus far, proven to be a powerful ally in this endeavor. Several countries suffering from the effects of the financial crisis have benefited from the involvement of the insurance industry. Now, the European…

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European Commission plan rejected by Germany

European Commission

European Commission finds opposition to banking plan German lawmakers have rejected a proposal coming from the European Commission concerning the ongoing financial crisis enveloping Europe. The European Commission has been working to solve the issues caused by the financial crisis, but has made little headway. With the help of the insurance industry, however, some problems have been resolved. Some of the world’s largest insurance companies have agreed to provide coverage and issue bonds that will help countries recover from the financial crisis. Not all of the European Commission’s proposals have…

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EU insurance rules put on hold

EU insurance watchdog industry

Governing body announces EU insurance rules delayed The European Union has been struggling to solve the problems created by the ongoing financial crisis that has stricken the region. The governing body has turned to the global insurance industry for assistance, which has responded with providing the coverage needed to mitigate some of the aspects of the continuous crisis. Earlier this year, the EU introduced a new plan that would impose strict capital rules on insurers in some member countries as part of new regulations focused on the banking industry. It…

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Fitch Ratings on the state of Italian insurance industry

Italian Insurance Industry

Italian insurance industry retains negative outlook Fitch Ratings, a global ratings agency and division of the Fitch Group, has released a statement concerning the state of the Italian insurance industry. Italy, like other countries in Europe, has been struggling to cope with the impact of financial crisis. The country was one of the hardest hit by the crisis, which took hold of the region in 2009. Years have passed since the development of the crisis and several countries are still working to mitigate its effects and recover. Industry pummeled by…

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Insurance News: South Korea halts purchases of oil from Iran

Iran Oil Insurance industry News

Despite insurance coverage, South Korea nixes Iran oil purchases In insurance news headlines today, South Korea has halted its purchases of oil from Iran as the countries refiners lose access to their insurance coverage due to sanctions from the European Union. The EU instituted sanctions against Iran were enacted earlier this year and prevent ships carrying Iranian oil from receiving insurance coverage. The maritime insurance industry, much of which is represented by the United Kingdom, expressed concerns over the sanctions but quickly complied as the measures were enacted. South Korea…

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South Korea to sidestep EU ban on maritime insurance coverage

oil insurance news

South Korea to resume providing coverage next month South Korea plans to sidestep sanctions imposed against Iran by the European Union and will continue to provide the country with maritime insurance coverage beginning next month. South Korea is the latest Asian country that has chosen to ignore the sanctions, which have instituted a ban on providing ships carrying Iranian oil with insurance coverage. The sanctions have been subjected to a great deal of criticism because of their potential to cause economic damage. The maritime insurance that South Korea provides is…

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