Trust in the insurance industry is falling in the UK

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Survey shows that UK consumers have little trust in their insurance providers Ernst & Young, a leading professional services firm, has released the results of its latest EY Global survey. The survey is focused on gauging the trust that consumers have in their insurance providers. According to the survey, which is comprised of information from 30 countries, the vast majority of insurance customers have below average trust in insurers. Trust has been an ongoing issue for the insurance industry, which has not been easily to overcome. Approximately only 7% of…

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Insurance industry sees a decline in insured losses in 2013

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Swiss Re report shows that insured losses in 2013 were lower than what they were in 2012 Swiss Re, a leading reinsurance firm, has announced that the global insurance industry has seen losses from natural disasters and man-made catastrophes fall by 44% in 2013. A calm hurricane season help insurers avoid significant losses, but powerful storms in Europe had a significant impact on the insurance industry. Despite this impact, however, insured losses industry-wide were less than what had been seen in 2012. As such, the insurance industry is expected to…

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Oil insurance to resume per new deal with Iran

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Sanctions against Iran relaxed Oil shipments to countries throughout Asia have been suffering due to sanctions imposed against Iran by the European Union and the United States. These sanctions have barred European insurance companies from providing coverage to freighters that are shipping oil coming from Iran. The sanctions have had a significant economic impact on Iran, as the country’s oil sales have plummeted by more than half since 2011. Now, the EU has announced that it will be relaxing its sanctions on the country due to a new deal. Sanctions…

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Premiums set to grow throughout the insurance industry

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Swiss Re reports on the state of the insurance industry Swiss Re, a leading global reinsurance firm, has released a new report concerning the state of the insurance industry and the cost of coverage. The global insurance industry has been seeing a great deal of activity recently, some of which has been considered somewhat negative. The negative issues that the industry has had to deal with are largely associated with powerful natural disasters that have occurred in some parts of the world in recent months. The report shows that natural…

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Vienna Insurance misses mark on profit estimations

Vienna Insurance misses mark

Vienna Insurance profit predictions derailed Vienna Insurance Group, the largest insurance organization in Eastern Europe, has missed its own profit estimations for the 2012 fiscal year. Several factors have come together to derail the insurer’s predictions, with fourth quarter earnings showing signs of struggle as these factors culminated toward the end of the year. While the insurer did see gains, they were not as promising as had been previously expected, thus leading Vienna Insurance to revise its approach to 2013. Pre-tax profits reach $780 million in 2012 The company’s pre-tax…

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Spain may benefit from EU insurance plan

EU Insurance Plan

EU insurance plan could help Spain recover from financial troubles The European Union has been struggling to rein in on a dire financial crisis that has threatened the economic stability of several countries in the region. The governing body has turned to the insurance industry to aid in recovery and the mitigation of a future crisis and insurers has, thus far, proven to be a powerful ally in this endeavor. Several countries suffering from the effects of the financial crisis have benefited from the involvement of the insurance industry. Now, the European…

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European Commission plan rejected by Germany

European Commission

European Commission finds opposition to banking plan German lawmakers have rejected a proposal coming from the European Commission concerning the ongoing financial crisis enveloping Europe. The European Commission has been working to solve the issues caused by the financial crisis, but has made little headway. With the help of the insurance industry, however, some problems have been resolved. Some of the world’s largest insurance companies have agreed to provide coverage and issue bonds that will help countries recover from the financial crisis. Not all of the European Commission’s proposals have…

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