Insurance news from India ensures Iran crude coverage

india news iran crude oil insurance

Indian refiners that are running Iranian oil will be able to cover themselves through the government. The Indian government made insurance news on Wednesday that refiners will be able to find coverage for plants that are running crude that was sourced in Iran, helping to assuage some of the concerns that imports made from that Middle Eastern country would need to cease. The worry has been based on the sanctions that have been applied to coverage of Iran’s crude. Hindustan Petroleum Corp, a refiner run by the state in India,…

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International insurance news from Iran includes update on sanctions impact

iran international insurance news

The Middle Eastern country is indicating that the worst outcomes of the bans have now passed. The latest international insurance news out of Iran has shown that the sanctions that have been placed on the country’s shipping and energy sectors by Western nations, and which had been causing significant struggles for its oil industry earlier in the year, are not having the impact they had earlier in the year. The Iranian Oil Minister, Rostam Qasemi, explained that the country has all but overcome the impact. Although it is standard procedure…

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