Lindsay Lohan to star in auto insurance commercial for Super Bowl

Lindsay Lohan

The actress, who has been known for headline making traffic incidents, will be in Esurance ads. There have been several reports that have been making the news that have suggested that Esurance auto insurance commercials have already started filming in Long Beach, California that feature Lindsay Lohan. The insurance news reports continued by indicating that the ads may be played during the Super Bowl. This would mean that Lindsay Lohan’s power to instantly draw the eye will be seen by what is expected to be a record breaking television and…

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Usage-based auto insurance is becoming more acceptable

auto insurance usage based

New study shows that consumers are becoming more comfortable with usage-based insurance coverage LexisNexis has released a new study concerning telematics and usage-based auto insurance coverage. The study notes that consumers in the U.S. are becoming considerably more comfortable with the idea of usage-based insurance, largely because of the savings they can take advantage of. Rate discounts are a main driver behind the adoption of telematics among drivers and businesses that manage vehicle fleets. Drivers do have some privacy concerns, however, in regards to the information that telematics systems collect.…

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Auto insurance plans for Allstate could mean online leadership

Allstate auto Insurance News

The insurer has laid the foundation for selling on the internet and is now building on that base. For more than ten years, Allstate Corp. gradually lagged behind the competition in a number of ways within the fast growing online auto insurance business, but the insurer is now geared up to rocket ahead of the competition over this very important channel. This provider has been preparing to enhance its successes in this area and is now ready to go ahead. Almost two years ago, Allstate purchased the online auto insurance…

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Allstate remains ahead of Geico in auto insurance market

Allstate auto insurance Geico

Gap between Allstate and Geico begins to narrow Allstate remains the second largest company in the U.S. in terms of auto insurance, but the company may soon lose its position to competitor Geico. Over the past year, the auto insurance sector has seen some volatility due to the frequency of natural disasters and the prevalence of insurance fraud. Despite this volatility, however, several auto insurance companies, such as Allstate and Geico, have managed to generate strong profits. The gap that once separated the two companies is beginning to narrow as…

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Usage-based auto insurance comes to Utah

usage based auto insurance utah

Allstate introduces new auto insurance program in Utah Auto insurance is taking a new turn in Utah. Drivers throughout the state will now have an opportunity to save money on their auto insurance coverage, thatnks to Allstate’s DriveWise program. The program is designed to gather information concerning a person’s driving habits and use this information to price coverage. This information is gathered through a simple device that can be installed beneath a vehicle’s steering wheel. Alternatively, On-Star using can also take advantage of the program without having to install an…

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State Farm aims to lower cost of auto insurance with new program

proof of auto insurance

State Farm attracting attention over new program Since early December, 2012, State Farm has been offering significant auto insurance discounts for those participating in the company’s Drive Safe and Save program. Currently, this program is only available to drivers in Wisconsin, a state well known for its privacy advocacy. State Farm suggests that the program can help drivers save money on their insurance coverage, but some state officials suggest that the information that the insurer could obtain through the program outweighs the potential benefits that consumers may see. Small device…

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Esurance aims to raise auto insurance rates in Illinois

Questionable tow and glass claims run rampant

Esurance introduces new rate hike for Illinois market Esurance, a leading online auto insurance provider owned by Allstate, is looking to raise the rates of  its coverage in Illinois. The auto insurance company has plans to raise rates by an average of 5% throughout the state by December 11.Esurance suggests that the increase comes after a review of the Illinois insurance market. The company has determined that a rate increase is necessary in order to remain competitive and account for some of the risks that are emerging within the market…

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