Common Questions Small Business Owners Have About Insurance

small business owners have about insurance

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. While some tasks and obligations can take the back burner for the time being, others require immediate or constant attention. Ensuring you have sufficient insurance coverage is one of those responsibilities that can’t be neglected for any period of time. As a business owner, you should understand your state’s legal insurance requirements, your industry’s associated risks, and which insurance forms you need to address these liabilities. Properly insuring a company may seem daunting to new business owners, but…

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Moody’s predicts MMC to hold its position at top of market

  Moody’s has announced that it predicts that Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. will maintain its current leading position in its main function as an insurance broker and consultant, as it seeks to make improvements to its business performance so that it can gain further hold in the marketplace.  Lead analyst for Marsh & McLennan at Moody’s, Bruce Ballentine, said that they forecast “MMC’s credit metrics to benefit from restructuring steps and debt reduction achieved over the past few years.”  He went on to explain that the stability of the…

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