Safeguarding your Company’s Health with Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Regardless of what the type of business you own, giving it an extra layer of protection will always be a wise investment. We should never gamble with our company’s assets and protecting it with the right insurance policy ensures that our business is prepared for any eventuality. But with all the insurance policies available in the market today making the choice could be difficult. Studying your options ensures that you’re getting the right set of coverage for your business. Read along and discover facts about business liability insurance – one…

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Eco-friendly construction increases professional liability risks

Insurers and risk managers are facing all new challenges in developing coverage for errors and omissions (E&O) for eco-friendly construction projects, which are similar, but still quite different from the risks associated with typical construction projects. This has lead to new trends and developments which are affecting purchasers for specialty lines of insurance such as E&O, directors and officers (D&O), cyber risk, employment practices liability, transportation, marine, and surplus. The reason for the difference between “green” and standard construction project risks is in the materials and technologies that are used,…

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Identifying the insurance needs of a small business

One of the single most common problems with commercial insurance is,  most small business owners understand that insurance is a necessity, but they struggle to understand what form of insurance is right for them. The need to make sure they have all of the coverage for their particular business, which can be very challenging, and no one wants to end up paying for more than they require. Often, it is advised that small business owners seek professional advice from trustworthy sources, such as an accountant, or an insurance broker or agent that specializes…

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