Insurance nightmare faced by One Direction

One Direction Insurance

The “Mission: Impossible” inspired set for a promo shoot has produced complex issues. The popular English-Irish pop boy band, One Direction, was on the set of a promo shoot for their most recent fragrance brand, but it turns out that the set, which was themed in the style of “Mission: Impossible” presented a number of different problems and issues, that caused it to become an insurance disaster. The five entertainers faced death defying segments that finally required stuntmen to perform. The members of One Direction, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn…

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Insurance battle involving Michael Jackson’s family has finally settled

Michael Jackson insurance news

The long running claim has now reached a settlement with Lloyds of London. Michael Jackson’s family has been wrapped up in an insurance battle since 2011, and has now reportedly come to a settlement with Lloyds of London for a figure that was lower than the $17.5 million that was expected from the estate of the King of Pop. Reports of this recent news have started coming in to suggest that the battle has finally come to a close. The insurance case started when Lloyds of London attempted to nullify…

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Lindsay Lohan takes out one of many movie star insurance policies

auto insurance - Lindsay Lohan image from Wikipedia

Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan are taking out movie star insurance policies but they’re far from cheap. Before playing Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime biographical film “Liz and Dick”, Lindsay Lohan will be covered by movie star insurance policies that have been taken out by the network. Many of both Taylor and Lohan’s fans are wondering if she has it in her to be able to play the role of a woman as legendary as Elizabeth Taylor, but Lifetime has clearly shown their faith in the young celebrity, though not…

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Entertainment industry receives coverage from new insurance products at Liberty Company Insurance Brokers

Liberty Company Insurance Brokers, Inc. has announced that it will be expanding its product line – which has been serving businesses and residents in California for almost a quarter of a century – to provide coverage for the entertainment industry. It will be providing services to this new market through the creation of Liberty Entertainment Insurance Services, LLC. This way, the agency will be providing both businesses and individuals in the entertainment industry with forms of coverage that are designed specifically for their unique needs. The new president of this…

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