Employer health insurance hasn’t decreased from Obamacare

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A new survey showed the ACA has not reduced the number of employers offering these benefits. There had been strong fears that employer health insurance would plummet at the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. That said, a recent survey has shown that Obamacare doesn’t appear to have produced this result. The percentage of companies still offering benefits including health insurance to workers has stayed steady. The proportion of companies offering employer health insurance benefits to both workers and their families has stayed the same. The figure has remained essentially…

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Affordable Care Act could bring financial trouble to 6 million

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Report suggests Affordable Care Act provisions may create some financial stress for consumers Analysts from the Congressional Budget Office have released a new report concerning the effects that the Affordable Care Act will have on U.S. citizens. The health care law has been the subject of controversy for the past two years due to provisions that some states consider to be unconstitutional. Though the health care law has been challenged and upheld, those opposing the law are still looking for alternatives, claiming that the law will bring with it profound…

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