Employer-sponsored health insurance is on the rise in Texas

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Study shows that more workers in Texas are gaining health insurance coverage from their employers A new study from Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and the Episcopal Health Foundation has found that more people in Texas have employer-sponsored health insurance coverage. Many had been concerned that they would lose their sponsored covered due to some of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. This has not been the case, however, as employers have opted to continue providing health insurance coverage for their workers. 68% of workers now receive…

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Health insurance deductibles have risen sharply since 2010

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Survey finds that deductibles for employer-sponsored coverage have grown aggressively A new survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust has found that health insurance deductibles have risen dramatically since 2010. These deductible increases have primarily affected those with employer-sponsored coverage. Many employers have been facing greater financial strain in providing their workers with insurance coverage, especially as insurers make their plans more expensive. As a result, consumers have been facing higher out-of-pocket costs for their coverage even as premiums have continued to grow. Workers…

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High deductible health insurance policies are becoming more common among consumers

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Many consumers show favor for high deductible plans because of the money they can save on premiums More consumers are beginning to favor high deductible health insurance plans, especially as employers begin shifting insurance costs to workers. High deductible plans have proven interesting to consumers because they have lower monthly premiums. Cost has been an issue that has prevented many consumers from purchasing health insurance policies. With premiums on the rise, many people are looking for ways to keep their costs down, and high deductible policies may be the best…

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Report highlights growing cost of employer-sponsored health insurance

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Workers are paying more for their coverage but are receiving fewer benefits The Commonwealth Fund has released a new report that highlights the growing costs of employer-sponsored health insurance in the United States. While the Affordable Care Act has not lead to a significant increase in insurance premiums for many people, it may not be providing much relief to workers. The report from the Commonwealth Fund suggests that insurance premiums for workers are slowly increasing, while the benefits they receive through this coverage are vanishing. Worker contributions are growing throughout…

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Federal law may not be a detriment to employer-sponsored health insurance

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Analysis from Urban Institute sheds some light on concerns regarding Affordable Care Act The Affordable Care Act may not be threatening employer-sponsored health insurance coverage, according to analysis from the Urban Institute. There had been concerns that the federal law would make it impossible for some employers to provide insurance coverage to their workers, while other companies would be forced to pay more money for offering this coverage. As such, employers would be disinclined to offer sponsored coverage to their employees, unless forced to do so by federal law. No…

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Employer insurance trends are not impacted by the health care reform as expected

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While many had believed that companies would drop their coverage, research is showing that this is not the case. Researchers from the Urban Institute have recently released the results of a new study that has been published online in the Health Affairs journal, showing that while many had expected insurance trends from employers to include the dropping of coverage for their workers as a result of the health care reform, this has not been the case. The Affordable Care Act has not been leading swathes of companies to drop their…

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Employer-sponsored health insurance is becoming more expensive

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New report finds that workers in the US are paying more for their insurance coverage The Commonwealth Fund has released a new report that has found that the rate of growth in health insurance costs for employer-sponsored coverage has grown significantly since 2010. While the Affordable Care Act has helped mitigate the rate at which insurance premiums and costs have grown, it may not have provided significant financial benefit for individuals receiving coverage through their employers. As such, employer-sponsored insurance coverage is becoming more expensive for workers. Premiums are growing,…

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