UPS drops health insurance coverage for 15,000 working spouses

U.S. Health Insurance

UPS makes health insurance cuts citing financial concerns The United Parcel Service (UPS) of the U.S. has announced that it will be cutting the health insurance coverage it provides to approximately 15,000 spouses of full-time employees. The company is one of the largest employers in the country, but has been expressing concern regarding how the health insurance sector will be affected by the Affordable Care Act. According to UPS, the move is due to the rising costs of health care in general as well as the provisions associated with the…

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Health insurance trends among employers defining themselves across the country

health insurance companies profits

Though the overall direction seems to be a decline, this is not so in Massachusetts. The results of a newly released report on health insurance sponsored by employers from one state to the next, has revealed some interesting trends occurring across the country as well as in some specific states. The data has indicated a change in direction for much of the country, though not in some states. The State Health Access Data Assistance Center’s study, which was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, showed that while employer sponsored…

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Health insurance policies are becoming stricter through employers

Health Insurance Report on obesity

The trend is angling toward tougher rules as companies fear that higher costs are on their way. As the concern of employers increases concerning the possible rise in health insurance costs, these companies are beginning to adopt stricter policies in order to try to keep their employees more healthy, lest it impact the wallets of those workers. Employers are starting to make it more expensive for their employees to live unhealthy lifestyles. These companies are taking on a number of different efforts to try to encourage their workers to keep…

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Healthcare reforms could benefit from dropped employer coverage

healthcare reforms quality and cost

The quality and cost of medical services could improve without their participation. Although the 2010 Affordable Care Act from President Obama promises workers that if they enjoy their health insurance coverage from their employers, they will be able to keep it under the healthcare reforms, there are some in the industry that are now wondering if the system would be more effective and less expensive if employers dropped the coverage that they provide. The intention of the law is actually to expand the coverage from employers across the country. However,…

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Health insurance exchange may not draw as many employers as hoped

Health Insurance time decision

Businesses are expected to opt out, which could lead the cost to rise for those who are participating. Both state and federal officials, as well as consumer advocates, are now beginning to voice concerns that businesses that have workers that are relatively young and healthy will choose to opt out of the health insurance marketplace. This will be done to help to avoid the minimum standards for coverage as prescribed by the healthcare reforms. Though these businesses may choose to try to avoid this health insurance regulation in order to…

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Health insurance exchange requirement delayed indefinitely

health insurance exchanges

The regulation for employers to notify their workers in writing by March 1 has been put on hold. Federal regulators have just announced that there will be an indefinite delay to the part of the healthcare law that would have required employers to provide a written notification to their workers by March 1, which would inform them of the availability of the health insurance exchanges in their states. The regulation has been delayed until a time that they will “become applicable”. The Department of Health and Human Services, of Labor,…

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Health insurance for small businesses still being considered by Walmart

Walmart health Insurance

The retail giant is still deciding whether or not it is interested in entering into that sector of the industry. Though no commitment has yet been made by Walmart, the massive retailer has indicated that it is still considering the option of offering health insurance to small businesses. It has already invested a great deal into its pharmacies, but it is taking care with future steps. Last week, there were discussions about the company’s interest in becoming involved in the small business health insurance sector, which is an area where…

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