Employees want pet insurance from the benefits offered by their employers

Pet insurance - woman on computer with dog

Medical coverage for animals has become super trendy, particularly since the pandemic. Employers seeking to be competitive when seeking the best employees to join their teams are increasingly turning to pet insurance as an additional part of worker benefits, due to the massive draw it has developed. Employees want more options from their benefits, and caring for their furry family members has weight. For even greater value to many employees, pet insurance coverage extends not only to cats and dogs, but also other types of animals, such as birds (even…

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Pet insurance is among the most popular American worker benefits

Pet Insurance

A growing number of businesses are now subsidizing and discounting the cost of the coverage for their employees. The trend for companies to offer their workers pet insurance as a part of their benefits packages is a growing one, as people increasingly feel that their animal companions are members of the family. Businesses across the country are working to make themselves more attractive to talented workers. One in three Fortune 500 companies offers plans from Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), the oldest and largest animal health insurer in the United States.…

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