The benefits of securing holiday travel insurance early

holiday travel insurance and what you need to know

Even the most seasoned traveler will tell you that it’s always best to plan your trips ahead of time. Not only do you get ahead of all the stress and chaos that comes with holiday planning during the holiday season, but you also get impressive discounts at some of your favorite places. That’s why it’s best to plan your end-of-year holidays earlier in the year. The same mindset should be practiced with your travel insurance. Most people think they can hold off getting travel insurance, which can lead to a…

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Renters and Homeowners insurance coverage helps evacuated residents

Homeowners insurance coverage - Evacuation Route - Sign

Regardless of whether or not the California wildfires have caused damage, policies are still helpful. People affected by emergency evacuation orders may benefit from their homeowners insurance coverage regardless of whether their homes are damaged. Home and renters insurance policies cover more than just damage caused by wildfires in the area. “With sometimes only minutes to evacuate, residents often escape with only the clothes on their backs,” said California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. Hundreds of thousands of people in California have been affected by evacuation orders as a result of…

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