California residents are being encouraged to purchase flood insurance

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FEMA urges homeowners to obtain flood protection ahead of El Nino Homeowners in California are being urged by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to purchase flood insurance ahead of the arrival of the El Nino storm system this winter. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts that El Nino will be particularly powerful this year and may strike the Bay Area in as little as two weeks from now. Notably, the majority of homeowners in the state do not have flood insurance coverage, largely due to a lack of…

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Californians should purchase flood insurance, says FEMA

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency says residents of the state need the coverage ahead of El Nino this winter. Officials from FEMA have been urging residents of California to buy flood insurance to cover their homes against damage from rising waters that are very likely in some areas this winter as it is predicted that there will be a strong El Nino. FEMA is advising Californians to purchase these policies regardless of whether they are in the highest risk areas. In fact, the recommendation for purchasing flood insurance has been…

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Flood insurance enters the limelight as hurricane season begins

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Hurricane season is bringing more attention to flood protection The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season has started, and weather forecasters are predicting that this season may be quite active, but the storms emerging during the season may be modest due to the effects of El Nino. There is no certain way to tell whether or not the hurricane season will be free of any powerful storms, as 2012’s Hurricane Sandy was quite unexpected itself. The impact of an unexpected storm can be devastating, which is why there is a growing interest…

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U.S. weather forecasters herald the end of La Nina


La Nina dissipates on schedule this year and is not expected to return The U.S. Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has announced that the La Nina weather phenomenon has dissipated on schedule this year, coming to an end in April. The weather pattern has been blamed for creating widespread drought in Texas and troublesome natural disaster in other parts of the U.S. These events have caused serious problems for the country’s insurance industry, which has struggled to overcome the problems created by natural catastrophes from the past two years. The CPC…

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Climate Prediction Center heralds the return of El Nino this year

Insurance industry on El Nino watch. The U.S. Climate Prediction Center (CPC), a government agency that provides weather information to the insurance industry and others, has raised concerns that El Nino may make a strong return to the Northern Hemisphere later this year. The weather phenomenon is notorious for the number of natural disasters it spawns throughout the Northern Hemisphere. El Nino brings an increase in rainfall and changes to temperature and wind patterns in some parts of the world. The CPC notes that El Nino could have a disastrous…

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