EIOPA watchdog seeks insurance company capital regulations overhaul

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The EU organization is aiming to establish a more hands-on approach to the rules. The European Union’s insurance company capital regulations require an overhaul that would provide a closer reflection of low interest rates, said the EU insurance watchdog. It also stated that stronger authority for intervention were required, such as banning dividends in order to maintain solvency throughout market shocks. The EU’s Solvency II capital requirements from insurers is currently in a review process. The Solvency II insurance company capital regulations impact insurers throughout the EU, including Allianz, Generali,…

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European insurance watchdog is now the one under investigation

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The EIOPA is typically the one watching over the market but it is now facing scrutiny for two practices. The European insurance watchdog is normally the organization responsible for watching over the industry and making sure the practices are kept legal and appropriate. However, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) is now under investigation to check into its own practices. The European Court of Auditors is conducting an audit looking primarily into two main areas. The insurance watchdog will be investigated in the following main areas: its supervision…

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Insurance industry news in Europe reveals considerable stress vulnerability

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The EIOPA released the results of a test that it conducted on the sector and showed a “double hit” could be painful. Recent insurance industry news from the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) has revealed the results of a form of “stress test” that it conducted and which has now shown that this sector has a higher vulnerability to a stress scenario in which there would be a “double hit” combination of a decrease in asset values and a reduced risk free rate. Overall, the testing showed that…

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Insurance news announcement from Europe works to counterbalance low interest rate risk

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EU watchdog is now calling for a joint effort to help to counter the risks presented by the rates. The latest insurance news in the European Union includes a call from the insurance watchdog for a joint action among all of the national regulators for helping to counteract the negative impact that the low interest rates are having on the financial security of insurers. This will help those companies to be able to protect policyholders more effectively and at a lower cost. This topic has been making insurance news for…

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EU insurance regulations may be put on hold

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Insurance regulations may be delayed for up to two years European insurance companies could get a break from the looming insurance regulations that are coming from the European Union. These regulations, which will cause serious changes in the European insurance industry and could push some smaller companies out of business, are currently scheduled to take effect in January, 2014. The insurance regulations put strict capital requirements on insurance companies and have been the source of controversy for some time. Now, a top European insurance regulator is working to have the…

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Insurance watchdog warns EU not to postpone insurance regulations any further

The EIOPA, an insurance watchdog that is part of the European Union, has issued a warning to the EU governing body regarding the pace at which it is introducing new insurance regulations. The group, which is part of the European System of Financial Supervision, claims that any delays in enacting these regulations could create problems for insurers trying to adapt to the troubling economic times that have come to Europe. Delays could be possible due to the EU legislative process, according to the European Commission, the agency responsible for drafting…

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1 in 10 European insurance companies fail stress test despite a robust market

The European insurance industry is in a state of flux, according to a new study from the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA). The organizations recently conducted a stress test of nearly 130 as yet unidentified insurers. The test showed that the insurance market is quite robust, which means that most insurers are able to procure new clients and produce significant revenue. However, the thirteen unnamed insurance companies failed the test. Based upon its findings, the EIOPA estimates that these insurers would not be able to handle the impact…

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