E-Insurance Companies vs. Brick and Mortar Insurance Companies

Online Insurance Quote

Over the past several years, the opportunity to purchase insurance policies and make changes to current insurance coverage online has increased dramatically, and consumers today seem much more willing to head online to investigate insurance options. For individuals who have not yet purchased a policy online, it’s valuable to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each method of purchase. With the decades-long expansion of internet access across the world, insurance companies have been expanding their online policy options. Today’s consumers have an important choice to make when deciding whether to…

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Car insurance: truth, lies, myths, and reality

When it comes to auto insurance, there is a lot of information available, but it’s hard for insurers and customers alike to know what to believe, what is a deception, and what is simply an urban myth. A recent study performed in the United Kingdom by eCar – an eInsurace Group serving more than 28,000 monthly insurance applications – found that women drivers are slightly more likely than men to alter the truth when they submit an auto insurance application. The study also showed that there has been an increase…

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