New Vermont farm insurance for extreme weather proposed by senators

Farm Insurance - New Law in Vermont

The increasing risk of flooding has the lawmakers looking to ways of protecting producers Following the flooding experienced by farmers in Vermont last year, a survey showed that 70 percent of them didn’t have farm insurance to cover their crops and/or livestock. Coverage wasn’t always available This wasn’t just a matter of choosing not to obtain coverage. For another 10 percent of the respondents, the type of farm insurance they would have needed didn’t exist.  This meant that only about one in every five food producers had coverage in place…

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Insurance Exodus Update: Why Iowa is Losing Its Insurers Now

Insurance Exodus - Iowa

The recent departure of multiple insurance companies from Iowa’s homeowners’ market has sent shockwaves through the state. The New York Times reported that insurers are pulling out due to severe financial losses driven by unprecedented weather patterns. This move raises significant concerns for homeowners and demands a closer look at what has led to this exodus. The Insurance Turmoil Caused by Climate Change The insurance turmoil caused by climate change — which had been concentrated in Florida, California, and Louisiana — is fast becoming a contagion, spreading to states such…

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Allstate’s One Step Forward Two Steps Back in California Home Insurance Market

California home insurance - investigating

In a move that has sent waves across the California home insurance market, Allstate, one of the nation’s leading insurance providers, has hinted at a conditional return to the state’s insurance landscape. This announcement comes amidst a backdrop of increasing challenges faced by homeowners and insurance companies alike, primarily due to the escalating risks of wildfires and other natural catastrophes. How Allstate’s Conditional Return Could Reshape California’s Home Insurance Market Allstate’s potential policy changes signify a critical juncture for California’s home insurance market. The insurer’s reliance on catastrophic modeling to…

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Study shows that states could see major benefits from establishing health insurance exchanges

A new study from the Urban Institute, an organization that investigates social and economic problems in the U.S., suggests that Oklahoma, as well as 14 other states, could see major benefits from establishing a health insurance exchange. The study shows that, at this point, Oklahoma has done the least to make progress on the project, apart from states that have refused the law completely. A health insurance exchange would have a significant economic impact for the state and its peoples, according to the Urban Institute. Over the past year, three…

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