Health insurance and medication is growing more expensive in the US

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Health care costs saw significant growth in 2014 Health care costs saw significant growth in 2014, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The federal agency has noted that health care expenditures are accelerating, with consumers and businesses spending a great deal of money on insurance coverage. As costs continue to grow, consumers are beginning to feel significant financial pressure. Finding a way to reduce health insurance costs is beginning to become a priority for the country, but an effective solution has yet to be found. Centers for…

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Insurance industry placed in the spotlight in Hillary Clinton ad

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The Democratic presidential candidate made several points that villainized health insurers. Hillary Clinton has used one of her latest ads as a Democratic presidential candidate to focus on taking control over the rising expenses people are facing when buying prescription drugs and has put some blame on the health insurance industry. The design of the ad clearly pointed to the insurance companies as participants in keeping the those expenses high. The ad was first released over the weekend and appeared before Iowa and New Hampshire viewers. Within it, Clinton discussed…

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Insurance industry changes ahead with legalized marijuana

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There will be a number of differences on their way, and within more than one sector. From the moment that marijuana was legalized in the United States, some of the largest cannabis derived food and drug developers saw their shares skyrocket, as other sectors, such as the insurance industry, began a notable transformation in several directions. This legislation affects policies, companies providing related services, and even equipment producers. What had previously been an environment that was completely in the black market has now emerged to implicate everything from the insurance…

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Health insurance improvements may reduce drug related deaths

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A new study conducted by American and Canadian researchers has provided new insight for the industry. The results of new research have just been released in Vancouver, indicating that health insurance could help to reduce the instance of deaths related to the use of opioid drugs. The reason that was found for this trend is that substitution treatment would be covered. Health insurance makes it possible for patients to be able to have coverage for methadone and other substitution treatments when they are struggling with addictions to these powerful medications.…

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