The Five Best Selling Driving Albums of All Time

Best Albums for Driving
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They say that music is the soundtrack to our lives and certain songs have a special meaning when we hear them. There is always a song or even an artist that produces just the right type of song for your mood and driving in your car is a great place to discover and play your favourite sounds to help your journey time fly by. Here are five of the best selling driving albums of all time and some of them might already be in your music collection. Blondie – Autoamerican …

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Usage based insurance is now being seen without rose colored glasses

Usage Based Insurance

Now that it has had its first wave as a novelty, drivers are starting to look at its other side. Drivers across the country are already taking part in the usage based insurance programs being offered by a number of the larger insurers, with the promise of an opportunity for significant savings. However, on closer inspection, some are starting to wonder whether the tradeoff is worth it. Insurers have crated usage based insurance programs that allow motorists to have their driving behaviors tracked by the companies in order to gain…

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