Automobile insurance for those who have had a DUI conviction

Driving while drinking

When a DUI conviction occurs… it can have a significant impact on automobile insurance premiums, and it can lead consumers who face this issue to ask a number of important questions. These questions commonly include the following: • What impact does a DUI have on a person’s premiums? State laws dictate the guidelines for insurance companies in terms of how long a DUI conviction can have an impact on an individual’s car insurance premiums. A DUI – just like the majority of other minor and major convictions – will keep…

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Doctors warn that drinking and walking can be as dangerous as driving drunk

This year, many people have been listening to the requests of government officials and of insurance industry experts and are choosing not to drive after drinking, but many are surprised to hear that ER doctors are also stating that walking drunk can be dangerous, too. In fact, while these medical professionals are saying that you should have a designated driver when you travel home after having anything with alcohol in it, they’re also recommending a “designated walker.” Dr. Thomas Esposito from Maywood, Illinois’s Loyola University Health System said that pedestrian…

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Are you covered by homeowners insurance for mishaps when entertaining at Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season means that there will be many visits from friends and family, and you can be prepared against certain problems that could occur by making sure that you understand your homeowners’ insurance policy and what it covers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States there are 128,000 hospitalizations and approximately 3,000 deaths due to food-borne illnesses every year. Most of these are the result of contamination that occurs during the handling and preparation of meals. This should be a…

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