Auto insurance for self driving cars – will it be cheaper?

Google driverless cars auto insurance

Many wonder whether or not coverage will be less expensive when vehicles operate themselves. As a small handful of companies, including Google, work on creating driverless or self driving cars, many people wonder what type of impact this will have on their auto insurance rates. Lawmakers in some states are already working on the first set of rules for vehicles that drive themselves. What many prospective future owners are wondering is whether or not this added technology will provide savings on auto insurance policies. Florida, Nevada, and California have all…

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Google holds discussions with auto insurance providers regarding driverless car

auto insurance for self driving car

Major auto insurance providers have been involved in discussions with Google over its driverless car project. The driverless car project at Google has been the topic of some significant discussions that the search engine giant has been holding with some of the country’s top auto insurance companies as they address the implications of using this technology into the vehicles that will be used in the real world. According to the Google self driving car project’s product manager, Anthony Levandowski, in a keynote address that he gave in Detroit at the…

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