New Allstate app to help good drivers save more on auto insurance premiums

Allstate app - Man using mobile phone

The insurer is testing a new app-based program to monitor motorist behaviors for weekly savings opportunities. A new Allstate app has entered into the testing process with the goal of allowing good drivers to prove how safe they are behind the wheel in exchange for savings. The program monitors a number of habits such as speeding and braking hard. The idea expands on existing usage-based insurance strategies including those already offered by the insurer. The goal is to make it possible for good drivers to demonstrate that they are a…

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Global Youth Traffic Safety Month helps over 120,000 teens drive more safely

Global Youth Traffic Safety Month teen driver

Adolescents across the United States took part in the Act Out Loud program this year to boost awareness. The 2014 Act Out Loud program was a great success, this year, as it brought 120,000 teens together to help to spread the word about Global Youth Traffic Safety Month and the importance of safe driving. The program is sponsored by the Allstate Foundation and the National Organizations for Youth Safety. These two groups have been celebrating Global Youth Traffic Safety Month with the program which is now been running for seven…

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Road safety rules ignored by all too many, causing deadly Independence Day

auto insurance 4th of july independence day road safety

The IIHS has continued to name July 4 as the day in which the most Americans will die in a car crash. Allstate Insurance joined a massive effort, this year, to try to encourage people to remember the rules of road safety as they head to and from their Independence Day celebrations, but research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) continues to label July 4 as the deadliest day of the year in the United States. All too many people found that their celebrations came to an abrupt…

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Auto insurance accident claims skyrocket in Texas during the Christmas season

The Accident Forgiveness Showdown - Who Has It and Who Doesn't

A new report has revealed that the number of crashes increases by 20 percent during the holidays. Allstate has just released a review of its auto insurance claims data, which has revealed that in the state of Texas, there are more car crashes than at any other time of the year. This statement was based on data from the five years ranging from 2006 through 2010. What the analysis determined was that the number of auto insurance accident claims rises the most on December 24, increasing by 22 percent when…

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Are voice controls in vehicles any safer than using a mobile handset?

Hands free doesn’t mean attention free. It’s becoming common knowledge that cell phone handsets cause drivers to become distracted, and an increasing number of states are prohibiting their use for talking, texting, and other activities while behind the wheel, but are the voice-controlled gadgets that have been replacing them any safer, or are they simply creating a new high-tech way to take focus away from the road? Some experts are now saying that it is equally dangerous to talk to a dashboard as it is to speak to a cell…

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RI Senate advances bills for cell phone and seatbelt use while driving

The Senate of Rhode Island has passed two bills relating two driver safety, one connected to the use of mobile phones while driving, and the other has to do with the increase of enforcement of the use of seat belts. The proposal for the use of cell phones would make it illegal for drivers younger than the age of 21 to use their devices. It will still be permitted for drivers of all ages to use hands-free devices. There will be a fine of up to $100 for violators of…

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