American dog bite insurance claims rose to $686 million in 2017

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The country saw a 2.2 percent increase in the cost of these claims, said the Insurance Information Institute. The Insurance Information Institute has released its latest U.S. dog bite insurance claims data. The report showed a 2.2 percent increase in the total cost of claims nationwide last year. Claims values themselves increased by a considerable amount in 2017 when compared to 2016. Dog bite insurance claims values rose to over $686 million in 2017. This paid for the year’s 18,552 claims. The average cost per single dog bite claim rose…

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Homeowners insurance in Connecticut may be banned from dog discrimination

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A lawmaker is seeking to make it illegal for insurers to inquire about the breed of a policyholder’s dog. A Connecticut lawmaker is now moving forward in an effort to ban homeowners insurance companies from being able to ask about or discriminate against the breed of a policyholder’s dog, when they are issuing coverage within that state. Republican Rep. Brenda Kupchick is trying to make it easier for certain dog owners to obtain coverage. Kupchick, of Fairfiel, Connecticut, has stated that her constituents have found it challenging to the point…

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State Farm Insurance paid out $109 million for claims relating to dog bites

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Last year, there were a tremendous 3,800 claims filed relating to these pet attacks. Though the incidents may not make the front page of the newspaper, claims from dog bites have been costing insurance companies millions of dollars each year, as was the case for State Farm last year. The insurer has released its statistics regarding the animal attacks showing they were far higher than 2010. According to a spokesperson from State Farm Insurance, Eddie Martinez, this number was up to $109 million in its payouts, from the $90 million…

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Forms of insurance coverage not always considered by consumers

Though consumers are typically aware that they need homeowners’, renters’, and automobile insurance, there are other forms of coverage that can be offered by policies of which they may be entirely unaware unless they are highly knowledgeable about the various types of protection available. Some of them include: • Personal Electronic Equipment Insurance – this is a very practical insurance for consumers who have expensive electronic devices at home, such as televisions, audio equipment, or computers. It covers loss and damage and might even pay for repairs and replacement, depending…

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Is your dog’s breed to aggressive to be covered by your homeowners’ insurance?

For many years, dog owners and insurance companies have been battling it out over claims because some insurers maintain a restricted list of breeds that will not be covered by homeowners’ insurance due to a perception of their tendencies toward aggression. Since it is technically possible for a dog of any breed to bite hard enough to lead to an injury, legislation in many states includes a specific definition of what constitutes a dangerous dog, and regulations for maintaining that animal. This has made it possible for a dog to…

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