State-run health insurance exchanges have crippling financial problems

Health Insurance Exchange

States running their own exchanges are having trouble funding themselves State-run health insurance exchanges are having difficulty managing high costs and low enrollment numbers. If such challenges persist, some states may decide to relinquish control of their exchanges to the federal government. Hawaii is one of the states that may soon cede control of its exchange. The state launched its own exchange with the aid of $205 million in federal grants, but it has failed to achieve its enrollment goals. Hawaii’s insurance exchange will rely on next year Hawaii’s…

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DC officials take a bold step to promote health insurance

health insurance promotion

DC commits funds to community organization to drive up health insurance coverage District of Columbia officials have awarded grants to several community organizations in order to help those without insurance coverage find policies through the District’s health insurance exchanged, called DC Health Link. The exchange is meant to begin open enrollment this year and will do so on schedule barring any significant unforeseeable problems with its structure. Currently, the services available through the exchange are not well known and many consumers that currently have no insurance coverage may miss out…

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