Pokemon Go accidents are becoming commonplace on American roads

pokemon go accidents driving

The record breaking popularity of this mobile app is now linked to a growing number of car crashes. As if Pokemon Go accidents involving people walking out into traffic or off piers and into waterways weren’t enough, they now include crashed cars. Many people aren’t surprised at this new trend of traffic mayhem resulting from distracted drivers trying to catch digital monsters. Still, it is forcing police, other law enforcement and emergency medical personnel to have to scramble to assist the victims. The augmented reality phenomenon is now being used…

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Allstate Insurance releases report revealing insight into teen driving habits

car insurance claims

As it turns out, the majority of parents have no idea what their adolescent children are doing behind the wheel. A new report has now been released by Allstate Insurance that has determined that many parents do not actually know what the driving habits of their teen sons and daughters truly are. The report, from The Allstate Foundation, revealed that teens have many risky behaviors of which parents are unaware. Within this report, it was shown that parents often don’t know when their teen driving sons and daughters have been…

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Auto insurance survey shows drivers are still using smartphones behind the wheel

auto insurance premiums car mobile smartphone

Research by Allstate has shown that Canadian motorists continue to talk and text against the law. Regardless of the fact that it is against the law to talk on a handset or send and receive text messages, a study conducted by an auto insurance company has determined that Canadians can’t seem to break this distracted driving habit. The majority of provinces and territories regulate the way mobile devices can be used by drivers. That said, Allstate Insurance has discovered that many Canadians are not abiding by those laws and are…

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The impact of one hour of sleep on health care costs

EU auto insurance rates stress men male driver

Daylight savings time strips drivers of one hour of sleep, causing a surprising and costly result. One hour of sleep may not seem like a tremendous amount, but as the majority of the country grumbled over having to “spring forward” with daylight savings time, health care costs saw a notable, short term spike that will only repeat itself at the same time next year. Many studies continue to show that even one hour of sleep can have detrimental effects. At the same time that the majority of people do like…

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Will auto insurance rates rise because of Google Glass?

Google Glass auto insurance

The popularity of wearable technology and augmented reality glasses could soon have an impact on premiums. In a move that could one day – in the not too distant future – impact the auto insurance premiums that motorists are facing every year, Google is currently lobbying officials in three or more American states to try to put a halt to the proposed limitations for driving while wearing augmented reality glasses and headsets, such as Google Glass. This represents one of the first major legal battles over the AR based wearable…

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5 Reasons Texting and Driving is a Terrible Habit

Texting While Driving1

Texting and driving is a terrible habit. The statistics don’t lie. Here are five great reasons not to send a text while behind the wheel. Remember, when you drive, you aren’t the only person that can face the consequences of your actions. 1. It’s More Dangerous Than Driving Drunk Texting while driving is now the most dangerous distraction on the road, period. New statistics show texting in your car while driving is six-times more dangerous than driving drunk. That means it is riskier to text while driving than to drink…

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Auto insurance survey sheds light on distracted driving

auto insurance

New Jersey auto insurance influenced by distracted drivers Plymouth Rock Assurance, an auto insurance organization based in New Jersey, has released the results of a new survey concerning distracted driving. The survey suggests that texting while driving remains a significant problem in New Jersey.  Though not implied by the survey, this problem could be contributing to the rising costs of auto insurance. Distractions are taken very seriously by the auto insurance sector, and any distraction could be justifiable cause to raise premiums due to the inherent risks they represent. Many…

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