Distracted driving is the highest in these US states

Distracted driving - Person using phone while driving

Some states are making concerted efforts to make sure motorists are focusing on the road. Distracted driving is a major cause of crashes, destruction of property and even serious injury and death on American roads, and some states are making larger efforts than others to spot these drivers on their roads. Much of the time that drivers aren’t focused on the road, they are doing something with their phones. Across the United States, motorists are being told to put their phones down, because their distracted driving habits are causing damage…

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Distracted drivers pay as much as 41 percent more for auto insurance

Distracted Drivers Pay More for Auto Insurance - Driver texting

Talking on a mobile phone, texting, checking a location on a map, and eating distracts motorists. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to find out that distracted drivers are extremely commonplace on the road. Some are talking on their mobile phones. Others send texts. Some fuss with their coffee cups or drive-thru meals. Others are turned around to shout at their misbehaving children in the back seat. Whether you’re surfing through radio stations or choosing your GPS locations, you may pay more. Those distracted drivers may or may…

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GMAC’s annual report shows that drivers are being distracted by smart phones

With smart phones becoming such a fundamental part of daily life, more people are finding it difficult to separate themselves from mobile devices while driving. The need for constant contact seems to be overwhelming in some cases, leading to distraction and accidents. GMAC Insurance, a high-profile car insurer, has released their latest annual report regarding the issue. Titled 2011 GMAC Insurance National Driver Test, the report shows that smart phones are one of the leading causes of distraction amongst drivers of all ages. According to the report, 8 in 10…

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RI Senate advances bills for cell phone and seatbelt use while driving

The Senate of Rhode Island has passed two bills relating two driver safety, one connected to the use of mobile phones while driving, and the other has to do with the increase of enforcement of the use of seat belts. The proposal for the use of cell phones would make it illegal for drivers younger than the age of 21 to use their devices. It will still be permitted for drivers of all ages to use hands-free devices. There will be a fine of up to $100 for violators of…

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