Discounted auto insurance will extend well beyond Detroit

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The Senate Insurance Committee has passed an amended version of the plan put forward by Mayor Mike Duggan. Senators in Michigan have now passed an amended version of the reduced rate auto insurance plan that had been put forward by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, which would provide discounted coverage to cities that have a minimum population of 500,000 and in which at least half of all of the drivers are insured. The amendments to the D-Insurance plan have broadened the reach of the program to smaller cities. The senators voted…

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Industry report shows many increases in the costs of vehicle ownership

cost of gas increase

American consumers have experienced an average 1.9 percent increase in vehicle ownership costs such as auto insurance and fuel. A recent study has shown that drivers in the United States have undergone an average increase of 1.9 percent in the costs associated with their vehicle ownership, ranging from auto insurance to tires, and from fueling up to vehicle depreciation. This information was outlined in the AAA 2012 ‘Your Driving Costs’ study report, which indicated that in the United States, gas and tires alone have increased the annual cost of owning…

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Auto insurance based on mileage, IntelliDrive, can offer greater savings to drivers

Recent data has been suggesting that a growing number of consumers are attempting to save money by reducing the amount of driving that they’re doing. Though the main reason for this is to decrease the amount of gas that is used, and lower the amount of maintenance needed on the vehicle, Travelers is now offering another incentive to customers to keep their mileage down. The new IntelliDrive insurance product rewards low-mileage drivers with discounts of up to 5 percent at the time of enrollment, and an additional discount of up…

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