Disability insurance benefits are not awarded properly 1 out of 4 times

Disability Insurance News

A Senate report is showing that 25 percent of cases are potentially unnecessarily costing taxpayers millions. A new report from the Senate is showing that one quarter of disability insurance benefits awarded by the Social Security Administration were done improperly between the years 2006 and 2010, which could possibly have cost millions of dollars to taxpayers. The findings were the result of an investigation that was held over eighteen months. The research was performed by the chamber’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. What it discovered that approximately one out of every…

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California workers compensation insurance overhauled

California Insurance Commissioner rejects workers compensation rate hike for the third time

Governor signs workers compensation insurance legislation into law California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a legislation that will increase the disability insurance benefits workers receive if they are injured on the job. The legislation aims to provide workers with benefits more fitting to the rising costs of worker’s compensation insurance premiums. These premiums have been growing in California, largely due to the growing costs of medical care associated with workplace injuries and the prevalence of fraud. The legislation was approved by the state Legislature last month, but was…

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California lawmakers renovate workplace injury coverage

Insurance industry risks - Banana Peel Survey

A new bill has been approved to give the system in the state a complete overhaul. Lawmakers in California have announced their latest insurance news by sharing that they have approved a bill that has the support of both labor groups and businesses, in order to give an overhaul to the coverage system in the state for employees injured on the job. This bill received tremendous bipartisan support in the state’s Democrat dominated legislature. The bill received its approval just in time for the completion of this year’s session, boosting…

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